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BMW Fairings

FairingsSuperstore.com has a wide range of aftermarket uv protected fairings as well as race replica fairings (which have the upper cowl and rear cowl holes covered) for BMW Fairings. These made-to-order fairings and body kits are built using pure virgin based ABS material with injection mold technology, that guarantees all of our uv fairing kits to be the same strength and thickness as the stock-oem fairings as well as 100% fitment. Sophisticated technologies like Ultraviolet Light Activated Painting is applied to the fairings when we paint and gloss coat them.

FairingsSuperstore.com can also color match a fairing kit from a photo you provide and have designs like the Blue Black & White - 12-13' S1000RR fairing kit, the White & Black - 12-13' S1000RR fairing kit, the Playboy - 12-13' S1000RR fairing kit and much more. We can also do very custom detailed designs such as Custom S1000RR - 12-13' S1000RR replica, White & Blue - 12-13' S1000RR replica, Black & Yellow Red Bull - 12-13' S1000RR replica, Red - 12-13' S1000RR replica, All White - 12-13' S1000RR replica and Black & White - 12-13' S1000RR replica.

If you can can't find a design please contact us...

We have a comprehensive FAQ section where you will find information about our custom design process, painting process and shipping.

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BMW S1000RR Fairings

Fairings Superstore is the first place to find the best in motorcycle fairings and accessories. Specializing in UV protected fairings as well as race replica fairings, we provide quality parts at affordable prices for every bike enthusiast. All of our made-to-order fairings and body kits are made with pure, virgin based ABS material and injection molded technology. This ensures that your aftermarket fairings will perform and last just as long, or longer than your stock fairings.

Limitless S1000RR Fairing Kits

Our color options have virtually no limits and can be custom matched to a photograph if you choose. We offer pre designed color options as well. Some of the most popular are the Blue and White S1000RR 12-13 and the always popular All Black S1000RR 12-13 fairings kits. Fairings Superstore can assist you in designing the perfect fairings for your sportbike and you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality pieces available.