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2004-2005 CBR1000RR Fairings

Matte Grey Repsol - 04-05' CBR1000RR

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Perfect Fitment Range - Premium Quality Sportbike Fairing Kit.

Complete 21 piece OEM replacement fairings for Honda CBR1000RR 2004-2005 made from high quality ABS plastic. Accurate fitment onto original mounting locations. Original mounting hardware will work with these fairings.

FairingsSuperstore.com has the best quality uv motorcycle fairings available in the market at affordable prices. Choose from a large selection of fairing styles which suits your taste and looks awesome on your bike. Your satisfaction is the top priority for us and so we never compromise with the quality of the products which we have to offer. We have a comprehensive FAQs section. Please contact us if you want to change this Matte Grey Repsol - 04-05' CBR1000RR fairing kit.

    About this Matte Grey Repsol - 04-05' CBR1000RR Fairing Kit:

  • UV Paint Technology - we apply UV paint and clear coat and use a UV machine when drying this Matte Grey Repsol - 04-05' CBR1000RR Fairing Kit. It's much better than drying it by air.
  • Strong and Durable Pure Virgin ABS - We use the finest grade ABS plastic when making the Honda CBR1000RR panels.
  • Perfect Fitment Series (made from OEM Honda CBR1000RR specifications - All holes drilled) - Fitment wil be flush and perfect.
  • Main Panels and Trim panels included - All panels shown in the photo are included.
  • Decals Applied under clear coat.
  • Thoroughly Inspected for blemishes before shipment - We make sure there are no scratches or marks before we package our fairings.
  • Primed and Painted with 2-3 layer of primary and secondary coat. 3 Layers of clear coat covering the paint and decals.
  • Reinforced Mounting Tabs on this CBR1000RR fairing kit.
  • Full Warranty - If any part of this Matte Grey Repsol body kit breaks in shipping we send you a no-obligation free part.
  • Write into the custom notes section above if you need the stickers or the design colors changed.

Matte Grey Repsol - 04-05' CBR1000RR Body Kit Specifications

  • Make: Honda.
  • Model: CBR1000RR.
  • It will fit Years: 2004 2005.
  • Material: ABS.
  • Brand: FairingsSuperstore.com.
  • Colors: Black White.
  • Parts included: 21.
  • UV Protected.
  • Professional Painted by skilled painter.

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All fairings kit sold on FairingsSuperstore.com including this Matte Grey Repsol - 04-05' CBR1000RR Fairing Kit are aftermarket and not OEM or original parts FairingsSuperstore.com is not affiliated with Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki or Ducati. If you require original OEM fairings please contact authorized dealers. If these are desired they need to be purchased from an authorized Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki or Ducati dealer.


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